Patuxent Mint Bay Mist Mister Bottle 3.4 fl oz

Patuxent Mint Bay Mist Mister Bottle 3.4 fl oz

This product is a 3.4 fl oz Mister Bottle. It's perfect for using at home or on the go. As a cleaner it can besprayed directly from the bottle with a paper towel or cloth.


Bay Mist is a kitchen safe non-toxic and all natural sanitizer/deodorizer. It uses only natural ingredients and is safe around food, children and pets. 


It can be used to sanitize soft drink tops, kitchen utensils, and even inside of the refrigerator.  

Outside of the kitchen it can be used to sanitize the air and remove the toughest odors, while leaving a light, non-overpowering, scent. Spray inside shoes, gym bags, cars, curtains, blankets, furniture and much more. 

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  • Safety

    Bay Mist is created from proprietary ingredients, all of which are safe to ingest in moderation. However, Bay Mist was not created with the intention of being consumed internally. It is strictly to be used as a cleaner, sanitizer and deodorizer. If Bay Mist is accidentally consumed, drink an equal amount of water to dilute. Medical attention should not be required.

    Because it is non-toxic, it is a great hand sanitizer and astringent.

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